Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inspiration of Creation

Whenever I begin a new project/phase/idea/job I always spend time finding something that will 'inspire' me to work harder. Sometimes I indulge in this search with a bit too much fervency and spend hours procrastinating, even when the project I'm going to start work on is something I actually really want to do. As a result I have music playlists named after plays I've studied for uni, for seperate weeks and even days, for cleaning my bedroom, for exercise and many other lists to suit any energy level and mood. I have folders of pictures from the internet and scrapbooks with cutouts and quotes. Sometimes I find I cannot begin work if I'm not wearing an appropriate outfit or in inspiring surrounds.

I've recently begun collecting again, spurred on by a new set of projects and assignments for university and the beginning of a new tertiary year.

Songs for March '09
Vibrations in Air - Josh Pyke
This song has some of the most beautiful and touching lyrics of reminsence, regret andmoving forward.
It has been a favourite for a long time, but continues to make it onto my playlists and, as other songs sometimes do, has not lost its poignancy even with regular listening.

"Thinking 'bout the times I know I should have taken photographs
Something to rely on, sharper than a memory.
'Cause chemistry dictates them, they're not coloured by emotion,
They're coloured by the shades of how things used to be.

And nothing breaks the heart much more than looking at old photographs
When you can taste the moment, and worse still, if it's passed
They're gone now to the future, but you still can't deny them,
like a song that's sung."

She and Him
Well, could the lovely Zooey Deschanel make me any more envious? I've been recently introduced to She and Him by a friend who is a large Zooey fan and already I have become a large fan the band's retro-styled songs.

Acousticy goodness
Acoustic songs always capture me with their simpleness and rawness and make a welcome change from computer altered tracks which sometimes sound so busy with layers of various instruments, vocals and effects. Two current favourites are Brother by aussie band Little Birdy and Help, I'm Alive by the Canadian outfit Metric. Both of these can be found to download for free for a limited time from the TripleJ website.

So far this is only a list of the songs, but other inspirations will no doubt pop up in future posts. What inspires you to create/work/move/get out of bed?