Monday, July 13, 2009

Shake it like a Poladroid Picture

Today I discovered Poladroid Project, a free downloadable program designed to turn digital photos into "polaroid-like" images with minimum fuss. Once you have the program, which for me downloaded in a matter of minutes, all you have to do is drag and drop your photos onto the camera that appears on the screen. It then spits out your polaroid version which will take time to slowy develop; white boarder, "random and realistic Polaroid-like colors " and all. You can even shake the picture on your screen and you can only do ten photos per session; the same number as a polaroid camera's cartridge.

Here are a few I prepared earlier, I'm very impressed with the results.

My friend Aleisha and I on our cruise in January.

Yum yum Mickey!
Mickey Mouse burger at Tokyo Disneyland. My favourite!

Goat Kid
A goat kid at a Japanese farm, he was really tiny and silky and absolutely cute.
birthday party
My nineteenth birthday afternoon tea.

Purple people
Me and my favourite purple tights last week.

I've always wanted a real polaroid camera, but I think this will do just fine in the meantime!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Colour Me Beautiful

After the previous post on the Holi festival of colourful goodness, the lovely left a comment telling me to watch the film clip of Regina Spektor's Fidelity.

Holi inspired? I'd like to think so.

Apart from fueling my desire to coat everyone I see in multicoloured powders, I loved how obviously restrictive the rest of the film clip was in its black and white styling. It made me wonder how creative I could be if my own wardrobe/world had similar colour restrictions; if I would be pushed to the limits of sartorial creativity ala The Uniform Project, or if I would end up wearing the same outfits day in day out.

When I used to work in retail and wear the same baggy, dirty uniform every shift I dreamt of the day when I would have a job that I could wear my own clothes to. I envisioned how lovely it would be and how I would be inspired to come up with new outfits and remixes all the time. Now that I have that kind of job, however, I find I do tend to wear many of the same tried and true outfits time and again. I think it's time to shake it up a bit in the wardrobe department, and perhaps creating some boundaries is the best way to really challenge myself. I'm not sure how yet, but watch this space!

Anyway, here's what I wore today, my favourite cold winter's day outfit. I tend to somehow always make silly faces in my photos without meaning to, it looks here as though I'm thinking really hard! If you want to see more, I also post on Chictopia, you can be guaranteed to see more of my funny faces :)
Now I am off to the gym; I've been eating lots of dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies these past few days, and big helpings of creamy pasta carbonara too, and my body is begging for some exercise!


Ps. Let me know if you have any specific clothing challenges you would like to see happen and I'll endeavour to give them a go!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Quite awhile ago I watched a documentary on the Holi, a Hindu festival also know as the Festival of Colours, and ever since I have desperately wanted to take part in a celebration.

The festival celebrates love and spirituality. During one part, participants throw coloured powders and water at each other, and become coated in the bright, bold colours.For more images, check out this flickr slideshow.

Though I may not get to a Holi celebration any time soon, this spring and summer I think I shall give my wardrobe a Holi theme, with lots of bright, rich colours.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Time for Adventure

This winter holiday, I'm planning many adventures.

So far I've slowly spooned through a gorgeous Italian hot chocolate at a new found cafe

Eaten the best nachos that I think I've ever had out

Walked to the circus that has set up temporary home in the city's main park; we didn't see the show, but we did see the animals!

Tiny Shetland Ponies

A friendly camel

and big, BIG cows!I wonder, what do cows do in a circus show??

Pretty apricot winter roses

A collection of windmills
and a new summery dress (we had gorgeous weather for a couple of days, it was divinely warm! Pity about the messy photo though)

One week down and two long, lovely weeks to go...I wonder what they have in store.

I hope everyone else is having fun little (or big!) adventures too :)