Friday, April 10, 2009

Inspire Me

I'm on holidays from university at the moment, they give us just over 2 weeks for Easter, which is much better than a lot of other people get. I'm particularly glad about the break because it gives me time to catch up on a lot of the work I've fallen behind on and start work on some of the bigger projects I have to complete for this semester.

One particular project I'm working on this fortnight is a play I'm writing during the year, which will form the last, large assessment piece of my degree. At this stage I've done a lot of reading and researching, I've cemented my idea pretty well and talked to teachers and mentors from uni and I'm pretty much ready to start writing. Which is the sticking point.

Many writers talk about the ending of a play/book/movie being the most difficult part to write. I really hope that I'm breaking the trend here, because if ending is more difficult than beginning I don't think I'll ever get finished. So, after days of procrastination (which has resulted in a very tidy bedroom and the finding of some tasty new recipes) I've formulated a list of ten things to do that will get me inspired to write.

  • work by candlelight - there's something special about working with pad and pen cosied up next to a swarm of glowing candles that is indusive to writing.
  • listen to some upbeat music and do some exercise! There's nothing worse than trying to do any kind of work while your brain isn't switched on and there's an operation gap of about ten seconds between it and your hands!
  • get the right environment - make sure the work space is clean and tidy (unless you crave mess whilst you work) so there's room to move. Have the things you need handy; water bottle, pens, glasses + anything else that you might like to have around while you write.
  • put on some socks. Warm feet = better brain activity.
  • read some great writing, whether on the internet, in a novel, film or play script, have a look at some of the brilliance that has been created before you.
  • realise that it can be up to you that such literary brilliance continues in the future
  • for each character that you will be writing today, find a word that they would use all the time, a specific quirk of their use of language, and then find a place to put it in your writing today
  • Imagine what kind of day it is in the setting you're writing; take yourself far, far away into the day and picture the weather, the temperature, the news, the surrounds, the sounds and the sights. Begin writing before you lose the place.
  • take the advice: just write.
and if all else fails:
  • have a look at your study calendar and see just how soon your first draft is due and how little time you have before it's time to show people!
Hopefully from tomorrow morning I can use my list to help me get on the way with my project.
What do you lack inspiration for? and how do you get inspired to do it?


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