Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Something Old, Nothing New


Bad blogger....bad, bad blogger.


I woke up this morning to this message from my sister: "I awake and the mess looks as though it grew overnight!! Why do I have SO MUCH STUFF?" Oh the paradox of first world youth, smothered by the stuff we own and our sentimental attachement to it. I understand her sentiments and predicament exactly.

I really like clothes. Example: a month or so ago we had a federal election here and I now own a a dress that will forever be labelled as 'election day 2010 dress'. See, I get kinda excited about elections. I think they're very important and I think young people should get excited about them. I was really looking forward to this election (spirit only slightly dampened by the pathetic effort of both partys' throughout the campaign) and one day I was shopping and just happened across a dress that seemed to scream, or at least softly point out, "Hey. You know, I'm the kind of dress you could change your country while wearing...why don't you pick me?" It didn't take much to sway me, the dress being such a sweet talker and all, and that's how I ended up purchasing a dress to wear specifically to vote in.

I've worn the dress many other times since, and I really, really like it even when I'm not electing a prime minister, but after telling the story to a couple of friends and receiving mixed reactions I began to wonder if my attachment to clothes is a bit out of control. "You bought a vote in?" they would ask, pitying head shaking ensuing. My concern was only amplified when yesterday I decided to begin a bit of a spring clean in preparation of moving in a few weeks. And discovered that I own a phenomenal number of tshirts. Even though I don't really wear tshirts...

So, this month I'm taking part in Buy Nothing New Month, an initiative of the Salvos in Australia where people can pledge to buy nothing new throughout the whole of October. No clothes, no appliances, shoes, stationery, books, dvds. Nothing. Given that I live on a reasonably tight budget, this shouldn't stretch me too much. I've gone months before without buying anything (unemployment puts a dampener on shopping like nothing else) but it's different now. Now I'm making the choice not to purchase instead of being fiscally unable. And I think it's an important choice for me. I'm also going to continue my little spring clean and lighten my load a little bit.

You can participate in Buy Nothing New Month simply by heading to the Salvo's site and taking a look at the rules. You're allowed to buy second hand/recycled/vintage items, though I don't think I will be in aid of the de-cluttering purpose of my month. Do share if you decide to join in!
Oh. Ps. Tonight I'm going to Women of Letters where a number of my personal female icons will be. Pre-October I bought a new dress to wear to it. I'm really excited.

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