Sunday, July 5, 2009


Quite awhile ago I watched a documentary on the Holi, a Hindu festival also know as the Festival of Colours, and ever since I have desperately wanted to take part in a celebration.

The festival celebrates love and spirituality. During one part, participants throw coloured powders and water at each other, and become coated in the bright, bold colours.For more images, check out this flickr slideshow.

Though I may not get to a Holi celebration any time soon, this spring and summer I think I shall give my wardrobe a Holi theme, with lots of bright, rich colours.



  1. This festival fascinates me. Also reminds me of how desperately I want to visit India--the country seems very colorful and beautiful.

  2. that does seem so incredibly fun and liberating, i've always wanted to try it! if the whole throwing colours in the air thing speaks to you, you should check out regina spektor's music video "fidelity"

    p.s. your blog is always so lovely :)