Friday, July 3, 2009

Time for Adventure

This winter holiday, I'm planning many adventures.

So far I've slowly spooned through a gorgeous Italian hot chocolate at a new found cafe

Eaten the best nachos that I think I've ever had out

Walked to the circus that has set up temporary home in the city's main park; we didn't see the show, but we did see the animals!

Tiny Shetland Ponies

A friendly camel

and big, BIG cows!I wonder, what do cows do in a circus show??

Pretty apricot winter roses

A collection of windmills
and a new summery dress (we had gorgeous weather for a couple of days, it was divinely warm! Pity about the messy photo though)

One week down and two long, lovely weeks to go...I wonder what they have in store.

I hope everyone else is having fun little (or big!) adventures too :)



  1. Oooh, your embellished top is so great. I really love miniature ponies too. I used to think my parents would retire and start a miniature pony farm.

  2. I used to love Shetlands when I was young, until I came across one in Scotland who very rudely bit my fingers! I've been told that they can have very cranky natures, I only wish I knew earlier!

  3. You definately need to tell my where this new found cafe is - that hot chocolate looks incredible!