Sunday, August 9, 2009

How To: Grow Your Own Little 'bedroom garden'

  • Teacup (or other such small holding apparatus)
  • Marbles (or, novel idea, you could plant your bulbs in soil!)
  • Small bulbs (I used Grape Hyacinth bulbs)
  • Water
  • Slightly greenish thumb

Firstly, I should say, this was pretty much my mother's idea; she was inspired by a magazine cover she saw where there were many bulbs planted in all types of kitchenware. I happened to have this spare little teacup lying around (I'd bought it for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party Housewarming which, although sounding like tremendous fun, sadly never eventuated).

  • 1. Put marbles in cup/container.
  • 2. Place bulbs on top.
  • 3. Fill with water until it's just touching the bulb bottoms.
  • 4. Wait for roots and sprouts!

There are a few little extra tips for success. Firstly, wait for winter until planting your bulbs; you'll get shoots through the winter and then hopefully flowers all spring. Also, if any of your bulbs aren't taking root, put them in a separate container on some damp cotton wool or tissue for a couple of days and you'll soon see some forming. Thirdly, plant your bulbs quite low down in the container. Mine are sitting right up the top and the shoots have grown in all crazy directions, which would probably be guided by the teacup if they were down further.

After the planting all you have to do really is water and wait and tadaa! Your very own little bedroom garden!
Of course, it would be much more of a garden with a few more plants. For next year I'm thinking teapots, egg cups, candles holders...who knows what!

Plant up and enjoy!



  1. What a sweet decorating idea. i wish I could do it but I can't seem to keep any plant life alive.

  2. Wow! That is such a cool idea. Adorable end result too.

  3. Ah great idea. Looks nice too.

  4. Ceee-ute! I will now procede to steal this idea and implement it immediately! :D