Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Roaring Twenties

Today I turn twenty and officially enter the third decade of my life.

Here are ten things I plan to do in the next ten years of my life:

  • Live in Paris
  • Become a published writer
  • By a new, fantastic camera
  • Write for a (good) magazine
  • Take yoga class
  • Become fluent in another language
  • Become organised at household chores; cleaning, tidying, washing
  • Have a library in my own house
  • Have adventures

There is the delicious chocolate truffle meringue cake!!!

It really is quite amazing.

I actually have a large list of things to do today before I go to uni in the afternoon, so I'd better snap to it. It is a lovely warm day outside with a cloudless blue sky, so I think I might do my work outside.

Have a great Monday!



  1. Happy birthday lauren
    that is a wonderful list of dreams to go for
    all the best kat x

  2. Happy belated birthday! Wonderful "bucket" list.