Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scent Me

Today I picked a few flowers from our garden to put around the place and make it all a bit more lively. When we first moved here, my mother planted a whole garden bed in purple and white flowering plants, though as you can see, a few rogue pink ones pop up from time to time.

The large white and pink flowers in the middle are Gardenias, and at the moment they are filling my room with their lovely, sweet, heavy scent. As I sit studying I keep smelling them and it's made me think that I don't appreciate and use my sense of smell nearly enough. This week, I'm going to smell everything I can and really give my nose a workout.

Scent can be a really powerful and defining factor about many things in life. Just think about it, if a food doesn't smell good, we're likely to not go there. The same is true for people, places, objects, and just about anything really. A nasty odor makes for a lonely life.

Although, there's probably good reason to not go too psycho about scent:

"I want my erotic nose brain removed. My emegulata. The organ deep inside the nasal cavity, which processes scent, which then connects to memory; I'd like it extracted... Well let me see if I can explain this. I had a boyfriend, OK? And he smelled really, really good. Like soap and fresh laundry and vanilla. And every time I smell any of those smells, I'm reminded of my boyfriend and how happy we were before he dumped me for no good reason and I get very sad and then I get angry and before I know it I am in the throws of an all out emotional breakdown and so I was just thinking, Dr. Klein, if I could short circuit my nose somehow, I might actually have a chance of living a semi-normal life someday."

At least, if nothing else, my nose is set to have a very interesting week.


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  1. you know what smells? mustard. and tomato paste. Can I reference you in my essay?