Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are...well...kinda lame.

So I was procrastinating today.

So was @SiDawson (who can be found being thought-provoking all over twitter as well as his blog.)

While procrastinating, Simon just happened to be reading procrastination blogs. And posting up the links on twitter. And they just happened to look pretty good from where I was sitting in procrastinator's corner and so I decided on joining him in this foolish viscous cycle of time wasting.

Which is how I came across this:

"When you procrastinate you lower your self esteem and send signals back to yourself that you are a ,well, a kinda lame and indecisive person."

I now feel the need to credit that one, little, slightly too realistic and painful sentence for the delightful amount of organisation and work that I've managed to do in one night.

To think all I needed was to be called 'kinda lame' by an faceless writer.

In summary, organisation, and being slightly near to being on top of your work, feels really good.


Ps. The whole blog can be read here.

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