Saturday, May 16, 2009

To My Dear Friend for Whom I am About to Sacrifice My Diginity and Extremities

To My Dear Friend for Whom I am About to Sacrifice My Dignity and Extremities,

First, let me say, I am very much looking forward to attending your soiree this evening and I have already purchased both costume and condiments to make the event pleasurable for you.

I do, however, have some requests which, I am quite sure, you would have by yourself fulfilled, though I thought I would just remind you. I ask you, please display appropriate gratitude for the costume which I shall don for your party. It is suitably themed to match your celebration and as such is a) quite brief and b) lacking in warmth.

As you know, your party both involves staying outdoors all night and many guests with whom I am not acquainted. However, I am most willing to risk both hypothermia and loss of self respect so as to make your special night live up to your expectations. But please, say thanks. I probably won't be the same girl after tonight for a very, very long time. I may lose my fingers, toes and ears. And I might not be able to look myself in the eye for quite awhile.

Although, as I say, I'm sure you'll recognise all of this and shall show this in an outpouring of thanks when I arrive, anyway.

Many thanks for in response to your expected gratitude,


Tonight I'm going to my friend's 'coming out' party. Although he's been out and proud and away from the closet for some time now, it's still a big deal for him and we're all going in costume to celebrate. You probably got the costume part from the letter. I'm going as Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show which I hope you've seen, who looks like this

in the film

and this

in one of the stage shows.

My costume won't be quite as sparkly unfortunately, but I'm a little bit excited nonetheless. I may in fact upload photos of the night later on.

Anyway, I wasn't actually so concerned about my costume until I demonstrated it for my mother this morning (who absolutely loves the movie) who was a little bit shocked at the brevity of....well...everything. You should know that it takes a bit to shock my mum. And then she mentioned the weather.

So now I'm a little scared. Though I'm going to still wear the outfit because I absolutely hate people who show up to themed parties out of theme. That is just lazy. And ultimate lame.

So, wish me luck, first I'm going to a show at uni, with the costume hidden under a long jacket, so that will be interesting as well.

Have a lovely evening!



  1. a) I really didn't take your mum for a rocky horror fan.
    b) your costume = awesome
    c) Our friend hasn't even seen Rocky Horror = epic fail on his part.

  2. True, true and true. I'm going to pull that costume out for pretty much every costume party I ever go to again.

    I think he did see it, once, at a party we had in the student village (aka a long long time ago) at which we all kind of got wanky, theatre student and put on rocky horror. Normally that would be fine, but at this party it was superwank. I don't know if you remember it. It was weird, and we didn't really watch it anyway.

  3. i do remember it, and it was i that lead the superwank. i don't think he watched it either though.