Thursday, January 22, 2009

And I solemnly pledge...

After a few days of re-watching inspiring speeches, finishing off the red, white and blue inauguration party candy and hearing about thousands of Americans making their pledge to help reinvent their country, I've decided to make a few pledges of my own.

These promises are not geared so much toward helping my fellow man, but toward first helping me, the kind of resolutions that are a little too late to be for New Years, but still need to be made.

So here we go.

Number 1: Organisation

My room, as anybody who has had the "pleasure" of visiting will know, has been a rather complex mess pretty much since we moved into this house four years ago. Over the time I've cleaned, but then piles upon piles of stuff has built up again and again making for a never ending cycle of clean and tidy. This year, however, the cycle will end *cue dramatic music. I've slowly began the process of sorting, folding, cleaning and ruthlessly throwing away that will enable my bedroom and I to seem like a relatively normal shelter and inhabitant combination. I've now sorted my book case, which now contains my favourite books and plays from uni, my dvd collection and my holders of the pretty magazines I collect. I've cleaned out three wardrobe shelves which house old memorandum of childhood and travels past, my 'glory box' things; plates, trays, vases and teapots which my aunt and I have been collecting for the ever closer day when I depart from home, and then my makeup and beauty related products.

While it may not look like much at the moment, these shelves were very, very messy and I'm really quite proud of my efforts.

Along with organised room comes organised life and I've made purchase of a couple of little items to help. My favourite is the Kiki K diary my mother brought me (under strict guidance) for Christmas. It's got ample room for each day and a handy ribbon to mark your place, but the reason I love it is the beautiful design. The cover is made from cream vinyl and each page is decorated beautifully with each month a different theme. Have a squiz and be ridiculously jealous.

My other purchase for my organised year comes in the shape of a beautiful, gorgeous artwork calendar from the magazine I read frankie. Favourite artists of the magazine were chosen to each contribute an original picture every month with stunning results; here's January:

Along with my organisation, I'm decorating my room with all the pretty, quiant little things I own which inspire me. Here's a box I recently finished covering with pictures.

Number 2: Health

So I'm not unhealthy exactly. I do try to eat healthily most of the time, and I live in a household of healthy eaters so we don't have too much junk around. I'm a regular gym member, in fact I interrupted writing this post to go, and since the New Year I've been going for morning walks, the stories from which make for a post all of their own. For me, health improvement can mainly come at lunchtimes when I'm often away from home and surrounded by stores where the unhealthy options are cheaper than the healthy ones. My problems is this; I just don't like salad. I can do a bit of lettuce, some beetroot and pinapple and I'm not averse to corn and carrot but put it all together and I turn a bit green. I'm not going to force the issue with my stomach; I'm a dreadfully picky eater and I know best that it's ridiculous trying to change that most of the time, so my goal is to simply pack good wholesome lunches that I can take with me to uni and to cut out snack buying from vending machines. I swear those grumbling possesors of candy and chips aim only for my loss of money and heart attack.

Number 3: Accessorize

As you can see, I own many accessories, and this is just some of the jewelry. It's sad, however, that I never wear them. Rarely will I even put in earrings or a necklace and I'm hopeless for buying pretty bangles and belts and never putting them on. Why? I just don't know how to. Some people, I believe, have a knack for accessorizing and I am not one of them. Fear not, I'm telling myself this year, I shall learn. I've begun to not let myself leave the house without something a little extra on and I'm happy to say I've been receiving a lot of compliments. Plan accessorization goes well.

So there's my three resolutions for the coming year, which hopefully will help me acheive all the other longer term goals that are set up for the coming months. It's a big year for me and most of my friends at uni, the last year, with many big projects to finish, but it's all very exciting.

I'll promise to keep you updated on how my resolutions go, a handy way to keep myself in line, too.

Now I go off to fold my washing!


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