Saturday, January 3, 2009

Square Eyes

I have a headache. It's the dull kind of pain the begins at the top front of the forehead and stretches around to the back of the skull. Of course this is all self inflicted from a lazy day beginning at around eight a.m. of television watching, which was followed by excess computer usage involving reading, typing and watching movies and including only a little driving time to the shops as a rest from the pixels for my overworked eyes. This, combined with an extreme lack of water and the decision to not wear my glasses, has caused the discomfort.


I could continue here on a completely self indulgent rant about how, even though my head pain is caused by my own retarded and lazy self, I deserve copious amounts of pity. However, being the first post in a blog, this might alienate all potential readers. So I'm gonna shutup. And drink some water. And stop staring at the goddam screen. Before I end up looking like this! (I already have the haircut)

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