Sunday, January 4, 2009

Questions, questions

2009. A new year, a new start, for many the chance to renew faith in their ability to stick to both old and new resolutions. I like New Year's. I really do. I like the hope everyone has for at least a couple of days each annual that things will be better, I enjoy watching the past year's events montages on TV because I am, if anything, a reminiscer at heart.

I read this BBC report asking correspondents what they were looking forward to, fearing and forseeing for 2009 and the person they most wanted to interview during the year and it seemed like such fun that I've decided to play along.

What am I looking forward to in 2009:

  • I graduate this year, so I get to move away from where I am, all by myself, and it's the most fucking exciting thing ever. You'll hear more about it closer to November, I can guarantee.
  • Obama going in, Bush going out.
  • Going cruising all around the South Pacific in February, the biggest holiday I've been on since I started the tertiary study and the major drain on my savings fund.
  • The potential of the next three hundred and sixty days for the world to get it right.
What I am fearing:
  • The impacts of the latest goings-on in the Gaza Strip ( I couldn't find an unbiased news report to link you to, but it's pretty much crap and children are dying)
  • Swooping birds. I have a thing called swobhia. Fear of swooping birds. Pretty much self explanetory. People with swobhia often seemed to get swooped more than those who run carefree under the wings of attacking winged creatures. It's not scientificly proven, but I know they can smell fear.
  • Graduating, moving away and fending for myself. It's fucking scary.
  • The potential of the next three hundred and sixty days for the world to get it wrong.
What am I forseeing:
  • Obama finally brining about some positive change.
  • China rising steadily as world superpower.
  • Increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with swobhia as it becomes a recognised and respected phobia.
And now for my favourite...

Who would I most like to interview:

Well, now this is a challenge. Of course, like most of the journalists asked in the article, I would love to go a few rounds with Barack Obama. However, in this would be the distinct possibility that I would lose my battle with burgeoning desire and hasten to jump his man-bones the minute I entered the door, resulting in my beginning karate chopped to a pulp by Whitehouse Security and no doubt bitch-slapped by dear Michelle, a woman who I respect not only for her impressive man-nabbing talents but also her seeming goodness at life, no matter what dress she wears.
So it's a no, Obama, though you do fight hard for my affections.

Who else?
There are a few; people who I've idolised for life - think Oprah, Nick Earls, the creators of Gilmore Girls; people who inspire - designer Allanah Hil, Josh Pyke, again Obama fits well here and Nathan Hudson, lead singer of the band Faker, simply because anybody who can dance like that is an inspiration (seriously, see them live). He's also a little bit beautiful. Here's a pic.

(He's the one in the cute little party hat. Though they're all a bit of adorable, aren't they.)

Then there's the people who I just want to say, "Why?" to. Kevin (five percent's a wee bit of a copout, don't you think, Kev?), Michael Jackson, the god-boy who used to serve at my hot chocolate hangout of choice, who promptly left halfway through this year, a fact from which my daily world-viewing has been much lacking ever since...

But I've settled, from all the possible candidates, on a lady I am regularly entertained by in many media forms, who possibly is the person I would like to be. I should mention I verge dangerously close to stalking her, and although being stalked is not something the lady-in-question altogether minds, I scare myself a little.

Here name is Marieke Hardy. There are many credits to her name, the ones that have touched me being:
  • she writes for the ever-wonderful Frankie magazine. Her comic interludes regularly have me laughing out loud in public places.
  • she co-wrote the aussie tv show Last Man Standing of which I was a great fan.
  • she is the author of the wonderful blog Reasons You Will Hate Me which won a Weblog award in 2008 (She has sadly stopped writing, however with four years of posts it is well worth a read)
  • she is an announcer on Triple J's breakfast program, a radio show that I listen to roughly five mornings a week on my commute to university.
All of the ways which Marieke has permeated my life remained unconnected until recently, and so it's all a bit Marieke-mania at the moment while I tell myself it's not fate that the four seperate women I look up to are actually the one woman, just proof that I am consistent, and that she probably won't be turning up at my house for gin and tonics, agreeing to be my mentor and or life partner.

All in all, this is her, the lady who wins the prize of being my interviewee wish for the year:

Now let's all hope that she doesn't google herself, ever again, and come across this site.
I'll blush.

that is all of my predictions, hopes and wishes for the year that is to come.
Please do play if you've any interest, this has been a very fun post.


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  1. Marieke wins at life. As does Faker.

    Time will tell on Barack.

    You have to admit though - swoopy birds can be quite hilarious in certain situations, esp. if they involve someone whose face you'd like to bbq.