Tuesday, June 2, 2009

trentième heureux

I think thirty posts is a fair milestone, no? I hope you do too, because this post just happens to be number thirty and I a little bit proud.

Today I shook hands with a stranger, looked them in the eye and convinced them to buy me hot chocolate without even asking. I felt bad for a crying friend and I went shopping with my mother. I sprayed ten tester cards with one perfume to put in with my clothing and make me smell pretty for free. I explained about leftover liquid pity obsession and I daydreamed. I searched in vain for the perfect red knitted beret and I made a new friend. I wished I had yoghurt and time to visit a good library.

I did a lot more, but these seemed to stand out.

I really enjoy this picture.


  1. That picture is lovely. You must teach me that trick of getting strangers to buy you things...only I think I would prefer dresses. ;)

  2. It is lovely, and just so wistful. I wish I could remember where I got it from.

    Yes, once I figure out how to expand from hot chocolate buying to things more substantial, I think I should market my skills lol