Friday, June 19, 2009

Favourite Sites for June

In winter, when it's cold, overcast and windy, all I want to do is sit somewhere warm with some hot chocolate or tea and spend hours looking at pretty pictures and making collages and scrapbooks, or reading books which will take me away to somewhere warmer. This June, I've been combining both by scrolling through some of my favourite sites and marvelling at their lovely images and sweet stories.

Artist Audrey Kawasaki's collection of work contains some of my favourite pieces of art. Her paintings on woodblocks are intricate, ethereal and enticing and her website is beautifully done to match.

From one inspirational site to another, Australian designer Alannah Hill's website really is the sweetest and my dream wardrobe would house many of her pieces. Her designs are always intricate and very feminine with lace, bows, buttons and headpieces. At the moment her site features this year's gorgeous winter collection and is filling me with excitement because in the next couple of weeks I plan to take a trip to Brisbane and wander into her boutique to quietly stand in awe of her beautiful clothing.

Princess Skye from The Princess Portal, has recently started her new site, The Lost Princess, and it's quite charming indeed. Full of lovely short stories and pretty pictures, it's too difficult to sum up this site in words; I suggest you take a look yourself.

Ps. For those who were wondering, the immune booster tea worked wonders, although as I got my sense of smell back, the taste also did become that little bit stronger! An affordable price to pay for good health though, I think. I give it five stars :)


  1. I'm totally going to check all of those out :)

  2. Kawasaki's illustrations just stun me. The realism meets dreamy aspect is so nice.