Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grant Me Immunity

I've been a bit under the weather for the past few days, not with anything serious, I've just caught the good old winter cold that's going around. I've been cheering myself up, however, with some Immune Booster tea, which I brought on Thursday.

A lovely little tea shop; Coffee, Tea or Me, opened up in my city about six months ago, and I've had to be very careful to limit my visits, otherwise I might go a little tea crazy! So as much as getting sick wasn't on my to-do list, any excuse to buy new tea is always welcome!

immune booster - a blend of organic herbs that are commonly used to boost the immune system. It contains Echinacea that facilitates healing and stimulates the immune system and rosehips that are high in vitamin C also contains rosehip, yarrow, cinnamon, calendula, orange peel, alfalfa

It's got a lovely taste and I've been having fun seeing if I can taste all the ingredients. My mum bought me the little tea set for one for Christmas, but I hadn't used it until this week because normally I get lazy and just sit the leaves in a strainer over the cup!


Ps. If you're ever feeling ill, or in need of a boost, Coffee, Tea or Me deliver worldwide.


  1. mmm, the tea sounds and looks beautiful! your teapot is also really adorable.