Sunday, June 28, 2009

If We Took a Holiday, Took Some Time to Celebrate

There is nothing quite as glorious as long, open holiday days on which there is nothing planned but easiness and bliss. I'm just beginning my first of three weeks winter holidays after the end of the first semester of uni, and I'm slowly building up a list of delicious, fun and simple things to do to keep me occupied.


Before each holidays I visit the library, borrowing stacks of books to read. Of late, it seems that many of these books go back unread and my borrowing appetite is unfortunately more than the time I have spare. This holidays, I've gone back to pick a few that I have already once returned and a few which have been recommended, and I endeavor to read them all before the three weeks is out.

My bedroom always seems to turn into quite the little rubbish dump by the end of a semester; with clothes, scrunched up old readings and books tossed over all the surfaces, and so holidays always mark a time for severe tidying, dusting and vacuuming. Luckily for me, I've a good season and a half of Gilmore Girls on dvd to watch during the cleaning bonanza that I've got planned. I'm steeling myself to sort through the huge amount of stuff (clothing, shoes, books, magazines) that I have stashed away in my bedroom to make it easier to move myself and my possessions in November at the end of uni.


I've been building up a long list of places which I want to visit for quite awhile now, and I am determined that this holidays I shall make the effort. From a little coffee shop whose television advertisements promise a most delightful looking hot chocolate to a small art gallery located somewhere downtown, I will be sure to post the results of my adventures.


I have many friends who live away from me during the semester who it is always a lovely treat to see on the holidays. Also, given the rarity of time off during uni, it's just nice to see all of my friends and relax and unwind.


My mother recently bought me this lovely little cookbook full of miniature goodies which I can't wait to try out. First up; chocolate and caramel cheesecake!

Also, for any left wondering, I did survive my night out alone last Thursday and really didn't have to wait much more than an hour until my friend arrived. I took some very (poor) photography of the band and of us having a fine old time on the comfy couch with our pink lemonade.
I'm planning to post a lot more over these holidays as I've become quite slack of late, so look forward to winter adventures!



  1. Long free days are a delight. And you seem to be passing your time quite wisely. :)

  2. make sure you let me know when the baking commences! mmm, baken goods.

    I really should read story. Maybe then I'll know what Scott's talking about.