Thursday, June 25, 2009

How To: Go to a Gig All Alone

So you've found a new favourite band who've got you jigging in your car-seat while you drive along.

You find out that they're going on a national tour, and opening in your town.


You frantically try to get your friends together to go and see them, but alas, nobody else can come.

What do you do?

You have two options:

A) You miss out, watch the band as they rise to world stardom and reminisce with your grandkids about how you almost went to see them...


B) You go alone.

Now, you realise that Option A paints a rather lame picture, because obviously it is the more lame choice. So you gather up your courage and hotfoot it along with only yourself for company to the show, ready to have the time of your life.

This is the situation I have inexplicably found myself in today. The band Yves Klein Blue have had me foot tapping along to their tunes on the radio for a few months now, but it was only this week that I connected the dots and realised that all the songs I had been enjoying were coming from the one band and that their debut album was going to be released this week. Then I did a bit of research and found out that they were starting a national tour soon. In fact, they were starting a national tour today. In my city.

I was quick to excitedly message my friends, but alas they were all either finishing off the semester's assignments or out of town! What was I to do?!

I weighed up the options, and option A (staying at home, wistfully missing out) looked pretty unfriendly. Then, one lovely friend messaged back and said that she'd be there as soon as she finished work; she'd be an hour late, but still, company!

So, in about two hours, I'm going to head out, praying that I can still score entry, and thrash about on my own to their "danceable indie jive" until my comrade can come and join me.

Now, I'm not the most extroverted kid on the block, so it's going to take a bit of courage for me to sit there for an hour alone, so I've formulated a list of tips to hopefully help me and others who find themselves in a similar position to stay cool, calm and collected and assure myself that this really is the better of the two options.

1. Wear your favourite clothes: If you're already feeling squirmy and assuming that all eyes are on you because of your solitary circumstance, you had at least better feel like you look amazing and the easiest way to do this is to don what you think is your most smoking, striking, fabulous outfit.

2. Wear something you're comfortable in: That said, don't go wearing a mini skirt that you're going to be constantly pulling down, a top you'll want to pull up all night or a corset that's so tight that you can't breathe. You want to concentrate on having an awesome night, not find yourself in the hospital because you fell on your face wearing ridiculous heels.

3. Have fun: Enough said. Make some new friends maybe, try to meet the band, definitely take your camera to capture the moments so that you can still reminisce with your grandkids in fifty years time.

I'm going to go now and find what I'm going to wear. If the band is anywhere near as fun as they look in this picture, it's going to be a great evening!
Photo from The Range Radio
Wish me luck!



  1. i think it's kinda cool to do stuff on your own once in a while! it proves you can. i purposely went to the restaurant alone the other night just to see if i would die in mortification and... i did not! and because i was alone, all the cute waiters were at my table all the time :) hope your independent outing is as much fun!

  2. im quite grateful you wrote that as im going to a gig later today, the cribs with opening act bridezilla. my mate was meant to go with me but he's 'sick' and i've been left with the choice of staying home (cause im catching public transport in relatively unsafe areas during nighttime) or going to the gig and seeing a great band and one of my biggest idols (johnny marr) perform. i guess i'm going to go now. it'll be a great experience and additionally a great story to tell.
    thanks again.

    much love, jimmy